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CampusNet is a web platform designed to provide web services supporting the operations of the SCVSA department at the University of Parma. The platform has been developed over the years since 2001, initially to manage the web site of University degrees and now for managing web services within a University department. CampusNet consists of thirty relational databases managed by the WODA (Web Oriented DAtabase) framework through definition files written in Perl. The connection between CampusNet and the Apache web server is made through the CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

The software has a modular structure that allows for easy development of new services. The authentication system is federated based on Shibboleth, in addition to having an internal user table for the registration of non-federated users.


  • Web pages dynamically generated from information entered directly by teachers and students.
  • Non-redundant information. All databases are interconnected to allow for information exchange and facilitate content updates.
  • Consistent and easily customizable graphics without altering the code.
  • Administration via web browser. All tasks reserved for an instance administrator are performed solely through the web browser. No special computer knowledge is required for the administrator.
  • Customization of links, fonts, colors, images, and content. An instance administrator has the ability to change the appearance and content of all pages of the site they manage.
  • Pages compliant with the requirements of the Stanca law on accessibility. A style sheet suitable for navigation by visually impaired individuals is provided.
  • Data protection. All information can be modified by the user who entered it or by the instance administrator.
  • All content can be easily exported in tabular, CSV, XML, and JSON formats.
  • All data entry forms are based on a common schema to facilitate use by teachers and students.
  • Use of the Google Maps API for the creation of interactive maps useful for locating facilities, classrooms, and laboratories.
  • CampusNet sites utilize AJAX to create pages with content obtained asynchronously through XMLHttpRequest.
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